Pink Tourmaline

Pink Tourmaline - Meaning and Folklore

Symbolism, Origin and legends:

pink tourmaline crystalsPink tourmaline synbolizes friendship, compassion, transformation and humanitarianism. It's the modern birthstone for October and the gemstone for the 8th wedding anniversary. It is sometimes considered an alternate gemstone for the 5th anniversary.

The name Tourmaline comes from a Sinhalese (Sri Lankan) word turamali - loosly translated as "mixed" and used to describe assortments of multicolored gemstone pebbles found in local regions where sand and sediment were once deposited by running water.

Tourmaline's wide range of colors have intrigued people for centuries. In ancient Egypt, legend had it that tourmaline acquired it's many colors by travelling along a rainbow in a journey from the earth to the sun. Other civilizations thought that thought wearing tourmaline could help one become more artistic and aesthetically inclined.

Still other ancient people believed tourmaline could actually glow in the dark from it's own energy. This is not without basis in fact, as tourmaline has electrical properties which were a subject of great fascination to scientists during the 18th century.

In Holland, tourmaline was once known as Aschentrekker or "ash attractor" . A charming tale has it that this name was coined by Dutch children, who saw tourmaline crystals in the marketplace displays of Dutch traders and noticed that the stone attracted ashes and dust. It's more likely that the term was given by Dutch jewellers, who would have been testing this new gem by applying heat to the stone around the time this moniker first came into use.

Astrology and Numerology

tourmaline in quartzTourmaline is said to balance male and female energies, balance the conscious and subconscious mind and balance the left and right brain, so it should come as no surprise that tourmaline is a perfect gemstone for those born under the sign of Libra, the scales!

Pink tourmaline also is a gemstone symbolic of the planet, Venus, which rules Libra and Taurus. Other colors of tourmaline are sometimes said to be linked to the planet Saturn. Due to the electrical properties inherent in this mineral, tourmaline could also be an appropriate gemstone for the planet Uranus (the planet of electricity) and those born under the Uranus-ruled sign of Aquarius.

Numerologists believe that tourmaline vibrates to the numbers 6 and 7 and, to a lesser extent, the number 2.

The different colors of tourmaline correspond to the different chakras- pink tourmaline acts on the Heart (fourth) Chakra.

Tourmaline in Crystal Healing and Metaphysics

tourmaline crystalTourmaline is considered a "healer's stone", increasing one's healing powers, helping ease communication, and imparting compassion, wisdom, acceptance and sympathy towards others.It also balances opposing types of energy and imparts self-confidence and serenity upon the wearer. Pink tourmaline attracts love and friendship.

From it's relationshp to the Heart Chakra, pink tourmaline influences the heart, the thymus, the circulatory system, skin, blood and adrenal system.

Pink tourmaline is also said to be a stone which can be used to help heal a broken heart or enable the victim of past hurts to deal with their past, transform their life, and achieve peace, joy and serenity.

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