Pink Tourmaline

Pink Tourmaline - Discover the Romance!

pink tourmaline crystalsBe pretty in pink tourmaline jewelry! Whether you prefer earrings in a soft rose petal shade or something bolder, like a hot pink ring, this October birthstone adds a feminine and romantic accent to any outfit.

Want to learn more? We have the facts on everything you ever wanted to about tourmaline, from its chemical composition to its symbolism and meaning. Or you can explore tourmaline's many varieties and colors, from Achroite to Rubellite. Discover how cut and clarity affect tourmaline gemstones and learn how to properly care for your tourmaline jewelry.

Pink Tourmaline Jewelry

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Tourmaline Symbolism and Folklore

pink and green tourmalineWhat is the meaning of pink tourmaline? What are its metaphysical properties and how is it used in crystal healing? We have the answers to these and many other questions about tourmaline's history, legends, astrological and numerological significance, and other metaphysical attributes.

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